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Help/ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Check if your question is already answered.

Login - For FANTASYLAND residents (those who already rent or own land with us)
Log in to submit a new support ticket or to view/ edit your existing tickets. Use your SL Name as User ID making sure you don't leave a space between your first name and last name. For example, if your SL Name is Sirux Mahoney, please type SiruxMahoney as User ID. If you don't know your password for our support portal, you can collect your DEFAULT password anytime at the FANTASYLAND HeadQuarters in-world at FANTASYLAND HQ - 162,127,28

In-world Contacts

Sirux Mahoney, FANTASYLAND Estate Owner & CEO - Email

Fantasyland Apogee, FANTASYLAND Estate Manager
Chasy Fhang, FANTASYLAND Estate Manager
Lucky Stein, FANTASYLAND Estate Manager
Vally Rumble, FANTASYLAND Estate CSR
Fantasy Milena, FANTASYLAND Estate CSR
Mercury Koskinen, FANTASYLAND Estate Manager & CSR

All offline IMs sent to us in-world go to our emails.


Sales Team - For Sim/ Land Parcel purchase inquiries
Support Team - For support to FANTASYLAND residents (those who already rent or own land with us)

The best and most convenient way for FANTASYLAND residents to obtain support from us is via support tickets on the support portal.

This allows you to track the status of submitted requests, post follow-up notes and correspond with us in a bulletin board fashion while allowing us to provide the dedicated support you need and respond to your requests in as timely a manner as possible. Our support portal instantly delivers an email to you when a response is posted to your tickets by our support team. Please note that you can also upload attachments when you submit a ticket.

Last but not least, this eliminates the risk of your notecards or IMs not reaching us due to us crashing or our IMs getting capped! Oh yeah, the reality of SL! Gotta love it! :)

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